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Through the Veteran Central Model, The Resolute Experience will cater
to the four crucial pillars of service delivery:

Health and WellbeingA military career can be incredibly challenging on the body and mind. We will cater for the physical and mental health of Veterans, ADF personnel and First Responders, as well as their families through a team of experienced and qualified professionals focused on supporting and caring of clients.

Advocacy and WelfareThe complexities of claims processes within the DVA can be stressful. Welfare and advocacy services will be available to Veterans and ADF personnel at Resolute, providing them with invaluable assistance and guidance throughout the DVA claims process and other supports available to them.

Transition We will ensure that ex-service men and women are able to stay socially engaged and connected, within a community that understands them. Consequently, the families of ex-service men and women will also find with Resolute that they are able to connect with individuals who have an intimate understanding of the challenges they may face in supporting their loved ones.

Employment Finding and securing employment can be challenging for many men and women leaving the ADF. At Resolute, we can assist with this process, providing both training and support services where required.

We will ensure that the ex-service is recognised and respected and that both ex-service men and women as well as their families have a clear understanding of their entitlements and can access the right services and support, how and when they need it.

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